Empower Hour:

What Makes Good Leaders Great


Yes, hard skills are important to a company's success. They are what we learned in school, what we tested on to earn a certification, and what is needed for a well-balanced team.

It's the lesser discussed Soft Skills, however, that are the game changers. Soft Skills, or "Strong Skills" as we call them here, require Mental Strength and that's exactly the focus of Empower Hour. 

Empower Hour keys in on four aspects of Mental Strength learned through the immediate application Strong Skills. 

This workshop is proven to drive transformation, build confidence, and ignite inspiration, making good leaders, GREAT.  


  • Learn 5 Ways to Become Mindful and Create a Mindset for Success

  • Discover the importance that Mindfulness plays in creating space for positive, creative and visionary ways of thinking as well as how to pump your own brakes.


  • Answer 3 Questions to Discover Strengths and Superpowers

  • Learn how optimizing individual strengths and your team’s boosts confidence, improves team performance and drives the company's bottom line.


  • Learn 3 Ways to Get Mentally Un-Stuck and 3 Techniques to Push Fear Aside

  • Conquer challenges and achieve progress by thriving through the transition from Fear to Courage to Confidence to Success. It’s a proven formula!

Meaningful Engagement

  • Learn 3 Tools to Facilitate Meaningful Engagement

  • Create a competitive advantage by embracing different ways of thinking and using strategic curiosity to work with, not against, differences.

You Won't Want to Miss Empower Hour!

Timing: The Empower Hour Workshop is delivered over (5) one-hour sessions, daily or per the client's request. It is hosted via Zoom (preferred), or the virtual platform of choice. The format is optimized for maximum absorption and application.

Recommended attendees:  +/- 100

Materials: All Standard and Bonus materials included to maximize impact. 

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“I used to reflect on my day and think about what I did wrong. Now I look back and think about what I did right as well as what I'll do better next time.”

Jennifer Abke, Women's Council of Realtors

“Thank you so much to WOGA for sponsoring Empower Hour with Jamie! One of my favorite takeaways is that where your focus goes, your energy flows. I'm keeping focused on what I can control and that's ME!”

Melanie Adams, Women in Oil and Gas Association

“Fantastic and interactive session! If you want to build confidence and optimize each of your strengths, definitely work with Jamie!”

Rachelle Salem, Rocky Mountain Cable Association

“Jamie’s theory that confidence compounds is so true and well-articulated. I also loved learning ways to boost confidence from stance and dress to doubling down on strengths and OWNING compliments.“

Melanie Westergaard, Women of Colorado School of Mines

“The fact that 94% of our thoughts are repetitive really hit home for me. This was a great opportunity to pause, change up thoughts that aren't serving me and replace them with ones that move me forward.”

David Allard, Chief Financial Officer Admin

“A friend who is a coach stopped by while I was participating in Jamie's session. She commented, "Wow, this is good stuff," and she continued to listen in over my shoulder!“

Natalie Hook, Women, Wine and Whatever