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Hear the latest tips on building confidence at work...especially if you're a woman in a technical industry. 

The Kathie J Show | Empowering Women

If you are feeling stuck in a job that you don’t want, but are too intimidated to go after what you really want, this show is for you!
Best-selling author, Jamie McKinney shares her story of rising to the top in male-dominated industries as well as some tips on how to gain more confidence.

Leadership coach hopes to close the gender confidence gap

The Confidence Gap is a hot topic. Watch the feature story as showcased on The Denver Channel on ABC. Help spread the word...and more importantly the solution! 

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 Soar to Success Magazine - December 2020

"When you get butterflies in your stomach and your heart starts to pound, that's especially when it's time to SPEAK UP!"

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Interview Jamie

Podcasts and Articles:

🎧 36 min listen

Listen in as we discuss:

- How to Change your Circumstances & Mindset Around Leadership, Pay Raises, and Success

- Shed Fear Based Beliefs to Invite in Authentic Self Thinking

- Center on your Strengths to Take up Space at the Closing Table

🎧 36 min listen

Dial in your ETA and beware of common confidence destroyers!

Start the new year off right by tuning into this episode of The Leadership Habit podcast! Join host Jenn DeWall, MBA, ACC and best-selling author Jamie Dandar McKinney for a discussion about finding confidence and success in 2024!

🎧 55 min listen

Season 5 Episode 7:
Join us for a fun and informative conversation on how to build your mental fitness. Hear insights on Positive Intelligence (enrollment now open for the training experience). Receive tips to instantly shift your mindset to a place of positivity.

🎧 10 min listen

Episode:  The Most Powerful Word In Your Language

Transform your day, shape your life! Discover the incredible impact that ONE single word can have to unlock limitless possibilities in your life.

🎧 45 min listen

Episode 54:  The Gifts & Opportunity of Being Different

The Shenanigans, survival tips, learning to thrive and work with people who were nothing like me. It's all here inside this juicy episode with charismatic host, Micki Woods!

🎧 18 min listen

📢Learn from my mistakes of not eliciting feedback. There's a much better way and three specific questions you can use right now to gather effective feedback in advance of destructive criticism. 

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In honor of International Women's Day, please enjoy this episode of Design of Communication. We share insider secrets about how to build your #confidence and rise above with challenges- especially in #technical industries.

You’re going to love this one!
Commencement Speaker

Graduation 2020 was certainly unique! Per COVID19 restrictions, the ceremony took a creative twist. Graduates and their families gathered at the Sundance Kid Drive-In Movie Theater to watch a graduation video compilation on the big screen.

From Mary Werner, St. Ursula Academy President:

“Thank you to Jamie Dandar McKinney for an inspiring and hope-filled virtual commencement address to St. Ursula Academy's Class of 2020. Her message of the power of confidence is timeless and was delivered with sincerity and candor. It is a message that these young women can take with them as they move on through life. Jamie's own background and experience support her message as well. She walks her talk.”

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Voyage Denver Magazine

Starting a business is no small task. Starting a business during a global pandemic...yeah, that made it interesting too. Thankfully, though my message has been resonating and I've been very blessed to work amazing clients, both on the for-profit and non-profit sides.

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I have a big interview today and listened to the podcast yesterday. It was a confidence booster. I feel great. New suit, research done, and I am ready! 


Jeannette J.