My Stilettos have Steel Toes.

Hi, I'm Jamie.

Always walking the fine line between feminine, yet fierce, and woman, yet warrior…That’s how it always felt throughout my career in heavily male-dominated industries.
Whether I was wearing heels or work boots, the steel toe was a necessary accessory. It took balance and determination, and there was always one tool, that no matter what the day held, I consistently relied upon to achieve success…CONFIDENCE.

In 2017 Scale It Magazine published a feature story titled, Strong Female in Male-Dominated Industry. It was the responses I received from that article that made me realize that hearing about my stories and experiences was helpful for other women. It was empowering for them to know that if I could do it, they too could stand in their power, channel confidence and achieve success. That article was the catalyst for Jamie Empowers and now as a speaker, coach and author I’m so blessed to help women SPEAK UP, increase visibility and level up their impact.

Corporate Trainer

Strengthening skill sets and core competencies of professionals is the best investment you can make. From team development to optimizing communication and interaction styles, programs are designed for measurable success, transformation and accountability to drive ongoing results. This is not a ‘one and done,’ but rather an investment with specific metrics to demonstrate wins and achievements.

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Keynote Speaking

Throughout my career I worked in all phases of company development from Startup to Fortune 100, frequently speaking in front of large audiences on business-related topics. Today, I speak on Confidence, Leadership and Motivation to audiences of all sizes and all genders. My mission is to empower audience members, women and men, to claim their confidence, take action and elevate performance.

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Leadership Coach

Empowered women empower women. We’re stronger together and we lift each other up. I help women stand in their power, believe in themselves, strengthen their voices and achieve success, both personally and professionally. Through my signature Leadership Coaching program we work within three key areas…Confidence, Communication and Strategic Thinking. It’s a transformational formula that empowers like no other!

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On a Personal Note…

I’m a city gal who loves to get out and play in nature. On the personal side I’m a big sister, God mother and wife. Professionally, I’m an executive, a strategist and have an MBA. I feel very blessed and grateful for my squad…a phenomenal group of women, also known as my “Sheroes.”

I like to hike, bike, jog, catch an occasional yoga class and go on a digital detox diet every now and then. I’m a huge college football fan and know my way around a sewing machine. 

My spirit human is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG!), my favorite color is glitter and my dog’s name is Penny.

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