Speak Up, Sister! The Professional Woman’s Guide to Confidence and Success

Learning to use confidence as a strategic tool to bridge the differences between you and your co-workers will help you rise to the top of your game...especially when you find yourself as one of few females in a work environment.

Jamie Dandar McKinney brings her edgy humor, real life examples, and practical exercises to crush your insecurities, quiet the voices of judgment, and empower yourself and other women around you to boldly Speak Up, Sister!  

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"Jamie Dandar McKinney is an irresistible powerhouse: a bottomless well of advice on beating the tricky, frustrating workplace dynamics and subtle setbacks so many women still contend with. Whether you’re stymied by toxic office politics or just want to score equal time in team meetings, Speak Up, Sister! is a practical handbook for changing the game and having your say. Like its inspiring author, this book is feisty, fearless, disarmingly direct, and empowering. Speak Up, Sister! is a winner!”

— Tom Farmer, Former CNN Executive Producer

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"You will nod your head, laugh and also yell, “Wow, are you kidding?!? That actually happened?!?" as you read Jamie’s stories.
This is a truly useful read with digestible chapters and action tips you can put in place the minute you put the book down. 
For seasoned professionals and newbies alike, you will walk away with infused confidence!"

-Colleen Tankoos, Chamber of Commerce Director

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