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5 Reasons Why Women On The Rise Make This Career-Changing Move

Mar 31, 2023

As women take more control of their careers, the demand for professional development is increasing. Women-focused coaching is among the fastest-growing requests for career transformations. With more companies investing in coaching opportunities for women, the positive effects on performance, leadership, and retention are valuable for everyone involved.

If you haven't tried coaching or have been curious about its potential benefits, here are five of the most common reasons why women choose to incorporate this impactful experience into their professional development portfolios. After reviewing this list, you will be invited to share which reason(s), if any, resonate with you.

Reason #1 - Overcome an obstacle and uncover invisible barriers, i.e. "get unstuck."

This is often accompanied by a feeling of restlessness and a sense that, “There is more here for me.”

Reason #2 - Build Confidence. Emerging leaders and executives alike experience a palpable change resulting from continued confidence conditioning.

As one executive said during our coaching call this week, “This has made a surprisingly HUGE difference in my professional and personal conversations."

Reason #3 - Elevate Communication. Small and intentional tweaks are known to create noticeable shifts with instant results.

“Something has changed in you. I could feel your confidence and the command of your presentation.” This feedback was shared by one woman’s boss immediately following the work she did to elevate her communication.

Reason #4 - Advance Careers. Many companies don't have a customized handbook for this. Coaching does.

Different strategies apply for different periods of one’s career and phase of life. Coaching guides you to create a step-by-step plan to achieve your next role/opportunity/promotion...and holds you accountable to get there.

Reason #5 - Invest in herself. - Women invest A LOT of their time and energy in others. This is a custom-fit, empowering, and life-changing opportunity for women who recognize their self-worth to invest in their most powerful assets…themselves.

“I’m so much happier knowing that my potential is no longer waiting on me. This has changed everything.”

BONUS REASON - Especially if you find yourself surrounded by men most of the time, the feminine energy, camaraderie, support, and having a place to exhale are all refreshing and valuable reasons why women find deep satisfaction and success through a powerful group coaching experience.

Does one or several of these reasons stand out for you? Let us know via the link below and we'll share additional insights and testimonials.

Which Reason(s) Stands Out For You?

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