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Confidence is a Doing, Not Merely a Feeling

Aug 29, 2023

Confidence has long been revered as a coveted trait that empowers individuals to conquer challenges, chase dreams, and achieve success at work and at home. We often hear phrases like "believe in yourself" and "think positively" when discussing confidence. While these notions hold truth, there's a critical element that's frequently overlooked – confidence isn't merely a feeling, it's a doing, or rather an action.

Because your actions are eavesdropping on your thoughts, it is natural for fleeting thoughts to convert into tightly held beliefs. While self-talk certainly has its merit, it's only one piece of the confidence puzzle. Imagine standing at the edge of a diving board, contemplating whether to take the plunge into the pool below. You can think about diving all day long, but until you actually propel yourself off the board, your thoughts remain just that…thoughts. While your thoughts initiate the path to genuine confidence, what further accelerates this process is the action you take to prove the accuracy of your thoughts. Celebrate that dive!

Taking action is where the magic happens. Stepping outside your comfort zone and facing your fears head-on is the ultimate catalyst to transform thoughts into tangible confidence. When you commit to doing something that scares you, you challenge the limitations you've placed on yourself. Each successful step you take bolsters self-assurance, reinforcing the what you know to be true…that you're capable of more than you think. This process of action and reinforcement creates a positive feedback loop, gradually building a solid foundation of genuine confidence.

While thinking your way to confidence is the beginning, remember that genuine confidence is rooted in action. Deliberate steps that challenge your boundaries and push you beyond your comfort zone are the ones that create growth. Embracing discomfort, learning from failure, and actively committing to actions that scare you are the keys to unlocking the transformative power of true confidence. So, the next time you're tempted to merely think yourself confident, remember that confidence is not simply a state of mind – it's a verb, a series of brave actions that propel you toward self-assured success. One little step will send you on your way.

Send the email, ask for what you want, speak in the meeting where you typically don’t and notice if you feel your confidence muscle grow.

What are your thoughts, my friend? What specific actions do you plan to take today in order to cultivate your confidence for tomorrow and the days that follow?! Comment below!

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