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Do you know your PQ™ score?

Sep 12, 2023

You are familiar with IQ and EQ, the intelligence quotient and emotional quotient, of course, but are you aware of PQ? PQ stands for the Positive Intelligence Quotient and is the brilliant work of Shirzad Chamine. Shirzad is a global thought leader. I first discovered his work while studying for my first coaching certification and was instantly intrigued.

PQ is a measure of your mental fitness. It is the ratio of positive to negative thoughts that your mind defaults to when presented with a challenge or a stimulus. For example, an unexpected request arrives in your inbox. Is your first thought, I can do this or I can’t? When you’re going after a special opportunity at work, do you have to fight hard against thoughts that are telling you this won’t work or are you approaching the situation with more ease, instead thinking, this will work? Your thoughts influence your outcome and creating awareness around them is the first step.

Learning your own PQ score, an actual number, does not serve as a judgment tool, but rather a research tool to give you awareness about your benchmark number and also insight into how to increase, or strengthen, your mental fitness, as Shirzad says.

As a PQ coach, I’d love to give you the opportunity to tap into this powerful tool proven to enhance development for individuals and teams.

You're invited to tap into this informative and transformative tool. Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing more intriguing details about the voices that sabotage you as well as the ones that serve you. It's fascinating to develop a relationship with thoughts you've had your whole life yet have been running in the background. 

Find out your PQ Score and more HERE

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