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Advice Straight From the Author of "You Are a Badass"

May 18, 2023

Jen Sincero is the NY Times best-selling author of You Are a Badass, a fast and fun read that helps you get out of your own way, call up your strengths, and own your destiny. Her writing is down-to-earth, funny, and applicable, meaning that you can do something the second you put the book down. Not only do I admire Jen, but I also credit her with inspiring certain aspects of my own writing.

Recently she kicked off her book’s 10-year anniversary tour. Along with a group of fantastic friends from the energy industry, I was thrilled to chat with Jen at a book signing. Following the signing, she then shared her latest words of wisdom. I thought you’d enjoy a summary of Jen’s advice for continued cultivation of “badassery.”

1. Learned behaviors can be unlearned.

2. Keep your analytical brain separate from your innovation brain for maximum innovation.

3. Belonging is the opposite of fitting in. To truly belong, you must lead with a level of true self-acceptance.

4. Jen’s current mantra: “Think whatever you like.” In other words, you do you. I’ll do me.

5. The best habit you can create for yourself is to meditate for 15 minutes per day. Benefits: It trains your brain to be calm and to recognize calm. It trains your mind to identify and interrupt big, bad thoughts before they get bigger.  

6. While meditating, it is in the space of a void, that you get a download from the universe. (So true! How often has a brilliant thought come to you in the shower or while on a walk?)

7. When you focus on the problem, you get more of it. When you focus on the solution, you get more of it.

8. Raise your frequency by focusing on what you have. Lower your frequency by focusing on what you don’t.

9. To get out of a rut, take action. Take the next step that feels good.

10. Solve your people pleaser voice by telling it, “You’re not being mean to them, you’re taking care of yourself.”

11. You can’t control people, yet you can model desired behavior.

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