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Are You Positioning Properly for a Promotion?

Aug 10, 2022

In the month of August, we continue to explore critical steps in advancing your path to a promotion.

We begin by defining an integral element of successful advancement, positioning.

po·si·tion·ing  | \ pə-ˈzi-shən-ing noun

(1) where you stand in relation to others vying for similar opportunities 

(2) your value, as perceived in the minds of decision-makers

First, a quick review before we dive into this week’s topic. As shared last week, August is the ideal month to start assembling your 2023 Promotion Plan. The highest percentage of promotions are awarded in January, so TODAY is the perfect time to begin jockeying for the position you desire. Today, you will learn three ways to ensure your current positioning is paving the way for your future success. 

Promotions do not happen overnight. Act on these three tips now to strengthen your candidacy for upcoming opportunities. 

  1. Design solutions for problems. Are you the one who (A) likes to point out a problem without suggesting a solution or the one who (B) recognizes a problem, re-frames it as an opportunity, and offers possible solutions for you and your team to put into action? If you answered (B) then you, my friend, are positioning yourself for career advancement! The ability to identify problems is a valuable skill. Be sure to pair the problem, however, with a commensurate solution in order to advance it, as well as yourself.
  2. Gain clarity on the path to promotion. Can you say with confidence that you know what stands between you and your next level? Be sure to discuss with stakeholders, such as your current manager and a human resources representative, what qualifications, skills, and experience are required for the next level you seek. The value of this is two-fold. One, it signals that you’re ready, (an element of positioning in and of itself) Two, it allows you to make informed decisions about how you spend your time so that you are closing the gap between you and that higher spot on the org chart.   
  3. Add professional development to your professional profile. If you’ve done #2 properly, you will have a well-formulated to-do list for targeted skills building. Find webinars, online courses, or professional development programs to grow a new competency or enhance existing expertise, while simultaneously earning a new badge, certification, or credential under your name. 

What do you think, Shero? Doable? What is one new action you will commit to today?

For additional resources and to accelerate your path to promotion, send an email to [email protected] with ‘Promo’ in the subject line.

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