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Summer Fun for the Busy Professional

Jun 11, 2024

Remember the excitement you felt on the last day of school?? Bounding out of the classroom and diving head first (literally) into a pool?! It’s that time of year again. Even though summers look a little different while working as full-time adults (or is it working full-time as adults?? Wink, wink), there’s no need to sacrifice the fun nor compromise much-needed breaks.

Breaks are good for our mental health and our productivity. Hopefully, you have a full week or two of vacation scheduled. In the meantime, here are some quick ways to take mini-vacations even while sitting at your desk!

Don’t let summer fly by without stopping to enjoy the season. You won't get this time back.😎

1. Outdoor Meetings: When was the last time you had a “Walk ‘n Talk” meeting or a strategy session outside? Fresh air is good for the soul and for the brain. Find a spot in the shade and take advantage of these warm days!

2. Sunshine Breaks: Take short breaks to step outside and soak up some sunshine, which boosts mood and energy. Fun fact: A one-minute break ignites two minutes of focused productivity.

Podcast recommendation - â˜€ï¸Sunlight has a profound effect on our brain. Hear fascinating insights from leading scientists in this field.☀️

3. Hydration Stations: Set up hydration stations with infused water and fresh fruit to quench your thirst and give you something extra to brighten the day.

4. Dress for Summer: Bright colors, flowery shirts and dresses, and pineapple earrings carry the warmth of the summer vibe. Are you a team leader? Designate certain days for your team to wear Hawaiian shirts, straw hats, or attire that fits your culture and brings levity. Bonus: Make it a contest and award pool accessories as prizes.

5. Decorate the Workspace: Add summer-themed decorations like beach balls, mini palm trees, or string lights to create a fun atmosphere.

6. Virtual Beach Backgrounds: Is your calendar full of Teams and Zoom calls? Refresh your background with a summer-themed landscape such as a beach or baseball park.

7. Summer Challenges: Do you have a fitness goal you’re struggling to train for or reserve time on your busy calendar? Make it a department-wide summer challenge. Set up a progress board and invite photo shares.

SLOW SUMMER DOWN by incorporating these quick and simple activities. Increase the enjoyment of your day and your productivity too!

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