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The Power of Gratitude

Nov 21, 2023

As we approach Thanksgiving, I'm reminded of the power of GRATITUDE. It extends deep inside our minds and bodies, impacting several key hormones and even reducing stress...especially helpful during the holiday season and year-end rush!

Do you have a gratitude practice? Personally, I reflect on 7 things I'm grateful for every evening. I've been doing this for over 8 years. Sometimes I make it through all 7 and sometimes I fall asleep before I complete my list. Either way, it's a wonderful way to fall asleep!

Here are additional benefits that occur in the workplace when you get in the habit of practicing gratitude.

Enhanced Collaboration: Gratitude in the workplace fosters better teamwork and collaboration. When people feel appreciated, they are more likely to work together effectively, leading to improved productivity and a more positive work environment.

Boosted Morale and Engagement: Expressing gratitude can significantly increase employee satisfaction and engagement. When employees feel valued and recognized for their efforts, it leads to higher morale, which, in turn, often translates to increased motivation and productivity.

Improved Leadership: Leaders who practice gratitude tend to be more effective. Recognizing and acknowledging the contributions of their team members not only builds stronger relationships but also inspires loyalty and trust. This approach often results in better leadership qualities and team dynamics.

Here at the Sherohood we are thankful for YOU! You inspire us every day and continue to raise the bar for women at work.

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