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The Power Pause

Jan 24, 2022
You are rocking your Power Pose, (thank you, Amy Cuddy!) speaking up with confidence, and leading with executive presence. Go Shero, go!  Here is a new tool to level up your executive presence even more, especially during your next high stakes meeting.

It is the Power Pause. That’s right, the Power Pause. Studies show that inserting silence at the right time is proven to increase your probability of success. Read on for insights and actions to make it happen!

Boosting Body, Mind, and Spirit

Physically:  Body language experts agree, pursed lips can indicate a person who is thinking and deciding between outcomes.

Mentally: This creates space in your brain to process your thoughts so that what you say next is as intended.

Emotionally: Stave off fear by giving yourself permission to pause and think and prevent words from spilling out uncontrollably.

Make it Happen in 3 Easy Steps

1.  Acknowledge. Just prior to your Power Pause, respond to the previous statement by saying something like, “That’s a great question. Let me think.” “I’m pausing to consider.” “I’m organizing my thoughts.” 

2.  Pause. Breathe and think. 

3.  Speak. Confidently, slowly, with breath that comes from your belly, not your throat, and thoughts you have now had time to organize.

Results and Benefits

Research shows that pausing in this manner achieves three things:

(1)  Increases executive presence   

(2)  Demonstrates self-control and intelligence

(3)  Leaves you feeling empowered! 

It’s go time! The next time you are in a comfortable meeting, test this out on familiar colleagues. Once you’ve experienced the benefit, take it to the next level in a high stakes meeting. Enjoy the empowerment when your executive presence shines and your contribution is received with respect and furthered conversation!  Tell us how it goes!

Originally published Aug 26, 2021 

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