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What Does Your PQ™ Score Mean?

Sep 19, 2023

Last week you learned about a powerful tool called Positive Intelligence, or PQ. As you may recall, the Positive Intelligence Quotient is a measure of one's mental fitness, resilience, and ability to exchange self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors with self-elevating ones. Essentially this tool helps you get unstuck, stay in forward motion, be happier and feel more satisfied. Of the many tools I have in my coaching tool box, it’s one of my favorites!

I saw that many of you accessed the assessments to discover both your PQ score and your Saboteurs…the pesky self-doubt voices that try to convince you that you are less powerful, less confident, or less empowered than you actually are. The self-doubt voices are liars! (But that’s a topic for a future blog post.)

In today’s blog post, I’ll explain what your PQ score means, as it is central to the Positive Intelligence framework, developed by the acclaimed Shirzad Chamine.

A PQ score is a numerical indicator that reflects your mind’s default ratio of thoughts that are serving (helping you stay in forward motion) versus those that are sabotaging (keeping you stuck). Your PQ score is a measure of your mental fitness and emotional intelligence. It signifies your ability to maintain a positive and resilient mindset, make better decisions, and handle stress effectively.

The PQ score scale ranges from approximately 20 to 80. It’s extremely rare to see scores in the tail ends of the distribution. It is impossible to score 100% and there is no such thing as a right or a wrong score. (Perfectionists out there can breathe easily!)

A median score of 50 or lower indicates that the critical, judgmental, and self-sabotaging thoughts, the ones that can hinder personal growth and well-being, are showing up the majority of the time. A score of 51 or higher, on the other hand, indicates heightened awareness and control over the negative thought patterns. When a challenge comes your way, instead of automatically thinking “I can’t,” your mind says, “I can.”

The goal of the PQ score is not to judge yourself whatsoever, but rather to raise awareness so that an empowered version of you steps into its higher, more resilient self. You can only manage what you measure and this metric is the first of its kind that measures both self-doubt and self-action in this way. It brings conscious attention to your thoughts so that you can decide to lead with confidence, resilience, and a positive outlook rather than the one that must make immense effort to get there.

Are you as intrigued with this tool as I am? The positive change it instills in individuals and teams is remarkable. If you haven’t taken the assessments yet, unlock access to them below.

Find out your PQ Score and more HERE

You’re invited to share your score and/or saboteurs with me. Your score will be kept confidential, yet I can show you how you compare to your peers. Next week, those Saboteurs will get called out! Watch their power fade as you authoritatively steer them away.

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