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Your Saboteur Voices are Liars

Sep 26, 2023

This is the third of five blog posts in the Positive Intelligence (PQ)™ series. In this post you’ll receive valuable insights to overcome self-doubt. You’ll also be invited to join the VIP list for an exclusive PQ training opportunity launching this fall!

First, those judgey voices… Positive Intelligence cleverly calls out the names of voices that act as uninvited judges ruling over our thoughts and negatively impact our actions.

Once called out, the opportunity found in these mean girl voices is that as you hear them, you can steer them. They will no longer hold you back! Once you gain awareness, you will no longer feel ambiguous, frustrating resistance. You’ll not only gain clarity, but more importantly, will feel the resistance and discomfort disappear, making it so much easier to step into action, get out of your way, and say, “See ya later, Imposter Syndrome.”

The 9 Saboteur Voices are Controller, Hyper-Achiever, Restless, Stickler (synonymous with perfectionist), Pleaser, Hyper-Vigilant, Avoider, Victim, and Hyper-Rational.

Each of us has these voices yet at varying degrees of intensity, often with three that rise to top. If you’ve taken the saboteur assessment, you received a chart that looks something like this:

In Johnna’s case the three primary voices attempting to sabotage her are the Controller, the Avoider, and the Hyper-Vigilant.

Here are spicy details on each of these three. Under a certain threshold they are helpful, yet once they cross the self-doubt chasm, danger is in store!

The upsides to the Controller voice are that it is confident, action-oriented, decisive, willful, and persistent. It likes to challenge itself and others. The downsides, however, are that it can quickly become impatient. It can uncomfortably push people beyond their limits, be overtly confrontational, and perpetually frustrated when things aren’t going its way. It’s very stuck in its ways! Imagine hearing this voice yourself or working for someone whose Controller voice is LOUD.

The Avoider voice’s good qualities are that it seeks peace and harmony and is relatively non-judgmental of others. Where it gets in trouble, however, is when it downplays the importance of real problems, it deflects others, has difficulty saying no, and procrastinates like an executive with a cluttered inbox, treating emails like a never-ending game of digital Whack-a-Mole!

And then there’s the Hyper-Vigilant voice. It’s the one that is sensitive and aware of true risks and dangers to self, others, and organizations. Its overthinking, however, can be paralyzing. (If you’ve ever felt paralysis from analysis, that’s likely due to a meddling hyper-vigilant voice!). This voice is quite harsh and hard on you and needs a lot of reassurance to move forward.

Here’s the good news, though! Whichever of the nine saboteur voices are chirping in your ear, once you hear them, you’re making progress! Self-awareness is Step 1. Step 2 is to trade them out with a positive voice, the kind that catalyzes you to take action; the kind of thoughts that condition a forward-moving mindset and, over time, raise a PQ score.

The voices that punch the Saboteurs in the face are called Sage Voices. Sage details are coming next week!

In the meantime, I present you with two exciting and empowering challenges:

#1 Take advantage of the PQ Saboteur Assessment journey (if you haven't already) and quickly become keen to those inner voices. Awareness is the inaugural stride, and you possess the innate ability to transcend these voices! Access the assessments HERE.

#2 If you find yourself captivated by this series and thirsting for deeper knowledge, you’re invited to be at the forefront of an exclusive upcoming training opportunity. Click THIS LINK to gather additional, exceptional insights and a VIP spot for a special offer coming soon!



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