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3 Tips For Giving Comfortable Feedback

Jun 04, 2024

(As seen in my latest article, published by Brainz Magazine.)

The topic of feedback is always a passionate one. We crave substantial, actionable feedback, yet sometimes struggle to deliver it to teammates and direct reports. In a recent blog, I shared tips to elicit feedback you can actually use. No more, “You did fine” or “The presentation was great.” You can read more here

In the meantime, we are flipping the script! It's equally crucial to offer feedback in a constructive and actionable manner. Many people struggle with the discomfort and awkward feel of a conversation such as this, often causing them to avoid it altogether. The result? Growth is stifled and nobody wins. Sharing feedback has an all-around positive impact when you apply the strategies outlined here.

Build confidence in your skills and empower others with feedback they can use to develop their skills.


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