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Discover the Power of Sage Voices in Positive Intelligence (PQ)™

Oct 03, 2023

I hope you're enjoying the Positive Intelligence (PQ)™ series. In this, the 4th of 5 blog posts, (links to previous posts below) you’ll learn how to show those Saboteurs who's actually in charge. It's your Sage Voices! You’ll also be invited to join the VIP list for an exclusive PQ training opportunity launching next month!

There are 5 Sage Voices and one of them is called Innovation. Discover the power of your Innovative Voice in the video below.

That's a fun fact, eh? That the Mystery Dum-Dum flavor was born out of an innovative response, sparked by a Sage Voice. Sage Voices are pre-programmed in your mind. They help lift you out of a stuck, frustrated, or defeated space. Tap into the power not just of Innovation, but also Empathize, Explore, Navigate, and Activate.

These Sage Voices are already inside of you. The Positive Intelligence program teaches you how to draw them out, how to ask yourself the right questions to spark ideas and inspire you to step into forward motion. What's even better? It works through both a personal and a professional lens!

To visit the official PQ page and learn about the upcoming training, click the button below. Space is limited and this powerful workshop won't be available again until 2024.

This training is available to all genders, so check out the details below and join me for a workshop that will literally change your life.

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