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Enrollment is open for the PQ™ Experience!

Oct 05, 2023

Here we are! The 5th of 5 blog posts in the Positive Intelligence Series and I've loved seeing how much interest you've shown! If you have missed the previous PQ topics, links to each are provided below.

The time has come to take our journey offline...and transition into real life where a transformative training experience awaits you!

As you know PQ is the #1 tool to build mental fitness. A strong PQ score empowers you to:

  • Silence Saboteurs
    Diminish sneaky voices that are negative, and keep you stuck.
  • Channel Your Sage
    Tap into the voices that drive success, innovation, and happiness.
  • Take Control
    Learn how to turn self-doubt into self-confidence in minutes.
  • Command Self
    Flex the 3 core muscles that are at the root of your mental fitness.

Explore the training course details here. Space is already filling and I don't want you to miss out! Registration will be open only until October 12th or when space fills. Act fast! We begin the week of October 16th! This training is open to men, women, all genders, and all levels of the Org Chart. Transformative for individuals and teams, alike!

Want to learn more about Positive Intelligence before committing to the course? Here you go! This past Saturday was International Podcast Day. To celebrate, acclaimed host, Shannon Bumgarner, and I partnered up for a powerful edition of the Empowering Women in Industry Podcast. The focus of our convo? You guessed it, PQ!

Receive insights on Positive Intelligence and valuable tips to instantly shift your mindset into a place of positivity.

As Shannon says, here is a quote from Jamie that stopped me in my tracks. “You can turn the impossible into possible when you silence the saboteurs and lean into your sage voices. They are where your full potential and power truly lives. It's simply up to you to take the empowering step to uncover them.”

Click the image above to listen to this podcast.

If you missed the previous PQ posts, you can catch up here:

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Discover the Power of Your Sage Voices.

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